9/11 Decal

A fellow fire fighter stopped by the sign shop today and suggested a decal that he wanted for his own vehicle. If you know me, you know that I'll tackle a job that I'm interested in RIGHT NOW and get it done. That's the beauty of knowing a sign guy- you can advertise your message to the world in mere minutes (or days) depending on how big the project is.

We discussed it for a few minutes, and this is what he ended up with. He said he wouldn't mind of I shared his idea with others.

The vinyl is a 3M film, designed for vehicle use, sure to last a long time. Thermal printing, just like the Police Cars we do locally- your decal is made for outdoor use. Measures 3" x 5" with bright colors on white background.

Your decal/s will be shipped USPS First Class the next mail day. Shipping is a flat $1.25 no matter how many you order. If you live in Estes Park, just stop by and pick yours up (call first to make sure we're here)

 3" x 5" 9/11 Decal    $4.25      

Please call about orders of 20 or more decals, or for resale accounts.

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