Phantom Arm Colors

Change your personality with new arm colors on the Phantom and Phantom 2 Vision.

Printed on 3M premium automotive vinyl which is made to be permanent, but removable*. That means when you're ready to put new colors on, there's no residue left behind to clean up and mar the surface when you break out the cleaning chemicals. Fits inside the embossed sticker location on the aircraft, but could be used anywhere.

Sold in single color/pattern. Buy several to create custom combinations of solid colors (and for a discount).

Stickers are designed for one time use, but are re-positionable*.

Contact us for special color runs before you order.

*Carbon fiber color is not on repositionable vinyl, but may be removed and discarded.

Find another sticker set, or prefer to use the free set that came with your Phantom?
I selected this material with 20 years of experience in the sign business, because I know it will work as intended, won't crack or peel and will hold the color well. I made these initially to customize the look of my phantom, and found others were concerned about how well the stock stickers perform, so there may actually be a couple of good reasons to our Phantom Arm Colors for your aircraft.

Like so many things, You get what you pay for!

Phantom Arm Colors
$6.50 for one color choice ($6.50)
$6 per set for 3 choices ($18)*
$5 per set for 5 choices ($25)*
$4 per set for 10 choices

Each set includes 5 stickers, 2 long, 2 short and 1 controller sticker.

First Class shipping included, add $1 for international orders.

We will send an assortment of popular colors if you don't specify your preferences with the order.

Choose from these color & pattern choices:
01- Black
02- Taxi pattern (yellow/black checker)
03- Sunflower Yellow
04- Green
05- Mirror Gold
06- Chrome
07- Cobalt Blue
08- Orange
09- Lime Green
10- Blood Red
11- Royal Purple

12- Fire pattern (Intense Red/Bright Yellow)
13- Teal
14- Stars & Stripes pattern (red/white/blue)

15- Hot Pink
16- Caution pattern (black/yellow)
17- Maple Leaf pattern (red/white : Canada)
18- Desert brown camo pattern
19- Jungle green camo pattern

20- Union Jack (United Kingdom)
21- Swedish Cross (Sweden)
22- Black Carbon Fiber (metalized vinyl)

Quantity of colors
Color Choices(# or name)

Each color includes a corresponding controller sticker.

** N E W ! **
The Union Jack. Flying pride for our friends across the pond.

Desert Brown Camo pattern arm bands... Just to give the feeling of the
big hunt- but honestly there's so much white, it's really just symbolic. Includes brown, tan, beige, terra cotta (4 colors!)

FIRE! .. or at least the pattern on the back of a fire engine.
A combination of Intense Red and Bright Yellow.
(The inset image shows both arms)

The Caution Pattern warns others about how crazy you fly, or
how much the props hurt when you touch them, or just look
cool and industrial- Black and Yellow together.

** N E W ! **

Not only cutting edge, but the coolest look going right now in custom vehicle graphics and race cars: Black Carbon Fiber. This is a metalized PVC vinyl that has a remarkable look as the source light changes angle. This choice is not the same as our popular repositionable vinyl, and although 'permanent', the C/F may be removed at any time without damaging the aircraft.

The Swedish Cross creates a field of blue and yellow on your Phantom arms (above).
One arm shows the flag, the other bold
blue and yellow solids (right).

Maple Leaf pattern (Canada) simply and boldly paying homage to the country in flight..The Phantom starts to look like it's gonna say..... "Eh!"

Stars & Stripes pattern brings Red White and Blue to the air with
your patriotism or a sense of a cool color combination. Matching
controller sticker (in background) continues the theme.

 Any personality is possible with multiple color sets
as shown with Royal Purple and Sunflower Yellow.

Combining the Taxi pattern (yellow/black) with
Black to create a racing profile.

 Chrome and Mirror Gold make the Phantom look like
a million dollars! (Since my wife says it cost almost that much).

 Orange and Cobalt Blue represent our Denver Broncos
flying high- what are your team colors?

Jungle green camo pattern will begin to give the impression this craft is on serious river duty... But like the Desert brown camo- you can still kind of make out the shape of the phantom EVEN WITH the camo arm color bands... :-)     4 colors: tan, dark green, apple green, forest green.

 Translate this combo of Green and Sunflower Yellow
as a John Deere, or GB Packers?

 With Teal and Lime green, it flies & looks
like a spring chicken. (I don't even know what that means)

*BONUS - Free Color Set!

As our thanks for ordering this product, we'll throw in a free extra color when you order 3, 5 or 10 colors.
Just list the additional color and we'll include it at no additional cost.

Tell your flying friends about this limited time offer.

We appreciate your business THANK YOU.

 An unsolicited video review of our Arm Color stickers from a customer: