Phantom Bezel Matte Black

Flatten your shimmer

No, this isn't a new diet program.

If you've installed the DJI Lens Filter kit, you might see a shimmer, flare or reflection in your captured images that is a result of the shiny trim parts on the camera lens bezel. The matte finish of this adhesive sticker will flatten nearly all light reflection, but may not completely eliminate light stray in some instances (bright light at some oblique angles).

Short of mounting drapes to the front of your camera lens, which would completely eliminate any light, this sticker will provide great improvement!

Cut from premium 3M cast vinyl, each sticker is for one time use, and may be easily removed if desired. Sold in a set of 4 to allow practice with application, or several applications.

Bezel Matte Black

Set of 4 matte black stickers

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Application: With the tips of 2 index fingers, center the sticker over the lens, then set down. Gently flatten the vinyl into place working from the center out, then use a Q-tip to apply the inside vinyl over the silver trim. On the outside, work from the center outward, and press the vinyl into place like a bottlecap. Maintain support behind the camera when applying this sticker!
Use the back of a fingernail to smooth out any major creases.