Phantom Identity Set
(A La Carte at bottom of page)

Personalized Sticker ID set for DJI Phantom
(Fits: Phantom, Phantom 2 and Phantom 2 Vision)

This set includes a collection of stickers for new & experienced pilots that are flying the Phantom aircraft. Thermal printed on 3M automotive grade vinyl that is designed for easy application, and simple removal without chemicals or special techniques- like a post-it note on steroids...  White background with spot color print for a vibrant, easy to read marking. The LED sticker designed for the battery cover also has a clear abrasion guard coating for extra protection on the bottom surface.


Set of 8 controller legends that fit around the 2 stick controllers
[ 2 full sets included, just in case ]

3- S1 and S2 function stickers
[ 2- S1 stickers provided, see photo caption to right ]

1- Start Up checklist sticker for controller

2- Motor ID number stickers sets of 4 - fit under the arm between screws.

2- LED Indicator stickers - fits on battery cover
[ One each for VISION and NAZA-M protocol ]

5- Battery ID stickers (#1-5)

8- Personalized 'IF FOUND' stickers
[ your phone number printed ]

2- Personalized fancy script name stickers
[ personalize with up to 20 characters ]

Phantom Identity sticker set

per set of 45 stickers

Shipping to any address in the USA is included,
add $1 for international shipping.

IF FOUND... (telephone #)
Script Name sticker (<20 char)
IF FOUND sticker fits perfectly on the belly of the Phantom, or carrying case, or iPhone, or ?
Start Up Checklist may be adhered anywhere on the controller.
MOTOR/ARM ID: Two sets of numbers 1-4 allow identification of the arms, motors, spare parts, etc. Note, a sticker placed on the motor housing may unbalance it- number the base of the motor.
"I just installed your stickers and they look Awesome!"
-GS, Southern New England

"Received my stickers -  They look great and will be a big help to a new flyer like me."   -DL, Oxford, MI

"I got the new labels in the mail yesterday and they look great...I'm sure they will really add a nice 'finished touch' to my P2V."   -KH, Topeka, KS

Phantom Identity Stickers are all around the world:

Italy, Faroe Islands, Denmark, Netherlands,
USA, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom,
Philippines, Norway, Guam,
Czech Republic, Brazil, Israel, Russia

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CONTROL STICK FUNCTION & S1 / S2 FUNCTION: Sharp text is easy to find and read after watching the sky. 2 versions of the S1 sticker are provided, with either 'FAILSAFE' or 'MANUAL' printed in the bottom position.
LED STATUS: Full color LED status chart for Vision protocol. Also note the 'IF FOUND' sticker above the battery compartment.
LED STATUS: Full color LED status chart for NAZA-M protocol, enabled from within the programming software by the pilot.
BATTERY ID: These numbers give each battery their own identity to help track of service or power issues.
Fancy script name sticker is sized to fit perfectly on the front of the P2V, but may be used for any purpose calling for a 'fancy style'. When ordering, remember spaces count and will be printed exactly as ordered with regard to capitalization and spacing. Set includes 2 of these- use them on the aircraft, controller, case, or ?
A la Carte Phantom Stickers

Price includes first class postage. All stickers are commercial grade thermal printing on 3M automotive vinyl. Outdoor durable. Application instructions

Add $1 International Postage (outside USA)

LED status
One each of Vision and NAZA-M protocol stickers. Fits the battery cover of Phantom controller. Includes abrasion guard coating.
2 stickers                                                             $8.95
Start Up Checklist
Two identical stickers                                        $2.95
S1, S2 function
One S2 sticker and two S1 stickers (depends on what your setup is); Three stickers.                          $3.95
Control Stick function
Two full sets of legends for the circular indention surrounding the control sticks. Be sure to consult our instructions for application HERE.
Sixteen stickers                                                  $9.95
Motor / Arm ID
A set of 10 number pairs to mark matching motors, parts, locations, etc. 1/4" diameter sticker as provided in full identity set, with additional numbers.Twenty stickers.                                                               $4.95
Fancy Name
A 3/8" x 2.5" white sticker printed with black script including up to 20 characters: pilot's name, aircraft name, your slogan or website- you decide. Looks best using Capitals and lower case (not all caps).
Eight identical personalized stickers.         $10.95
<20 chars personalization
If Found, Please Call
Set of identical stickers with your telephone number. Put them on your phone, aircraft, controller, small children...  Measure .4 x 1.8"
Twenty two identical stickers.                       $10.95
Phone Number