IF FOUND...  Thanks!

It's so simple I wish I had thought of it...

(and I did...)

Then, I put this sticker on everything I own that I want back when I leave it behind... which is just a matter of time, right?

Talk about cheap insurance, this actually works. My phone, phone charger, and camera have all been returned thanks to my IF FOUND stickers.

(We will personalize your stickers with your telephone number)

They are small, but mighty. Measuring just 1/2" x 5/8" they will fit anywhere, and the safety yellow adhesive vinyl sticker with black printing catches your eye. This would be a good alternative to writing your name on things with a sharpie- although sharpies have their place for clothing ID.

It's the same material we use for vehicle graphics, so you can count on their durability for a long life.

Contact us for custom color runs or special requests.
IF FOUND personalized sticker set

Set of 200 identical stickers personalized with your telephone number. (see quantity discounts below)

Includes shipping inside USA, add $1 for international shipments
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The truth is, I don't want to lose my 1964 quarter that sits just inside my desk. This sticker reminds me that it's worth a lot more than 25 cents! (90% silver content)