Last week I was wrapping up about 5 hours on the MultiCam router cutting parts of various projects- and the neighbor stopped by while the router system was still running.

For a couple of weeks she has been suggesting that we put together a 'DITTO' sign for her porch. (I think she's trying to avoid decorating her whole house- and she has a good sense of humor). I had agreed to it, although I had been avoiding it since the router hasn't run for several days, and I'm always in a hurry when it is running. It was like the Christmas trees were lined up to allow me time for this project today...

Just finished on the router, the second panel has the light holes cut with precision- the sockets will push in from the back and be held in place with the backer panel.

I don't have enough confidence in wire nuts or tape to keep an electrical connection together- we soldered all of the connections, then covered them.

The backer panel will hold all of the sockets in place securely, without any hardware other than the screws used to hold the panels together. Quick and easy!

Part of the reason I had agreed to help with the project was that I have had a design in the back of my head for some time that uses C9 bulbs to spell out a seasonal message for our Christmas light display- and this was going to be a test run for that project.

I agreed and sent the file I had previously laid out to the router. Just 20 minutes later, the efficient MultiCam router had cut 2 panels that would line up the light string so it could be read from about a mile away!

Karin and her son put the lights into the holes and we backed up the front panel with a backer, plugged the 2 sections in and voila! An eight foot message for her porch. Total time to assemble the sign was about an hour, including soldering secure splices, and hanging the sign.

You can sure read it. ..and this technique will work perfectly for my master decorating plan for 2012.

If we're still here.

This project is yet another testament to the efficiency and ability of the stable of tools and ideas within the walls of Signs of Life to complete just about any project that comes along.

Bring yours in!

Please excuse my photo skills, the sign looks awesome from the street!