An early 'logo' sticker that I identified our signs with before delivering them. This was in early 1991.

When we officially incorporated in 1992, 'Signs of Life' came from my relationship with the Paramedical field... Made sense then as a cutesy play on the relationship. Pretty quickly it felt more like a description of what kind of work we did- Signs of LIFE- signs you see everyday...

The name needed 'something', and a paintbrush was the answer. (?) This worked for a few years.

This version of a logo has served us through 2012: we have signs, shirts and a custom electric sign with this layout. Our new 20th anniversary logo is featured at the end of this blog post!

I remember when I started making signs.... made a little sign for myself out of necessity, then for a friend, then for a 'customer', then it snowballed. Started in the downstairs bedroom at our home on Columbine Ave when I was a fresh young Paramedic with the hospital ambulance service. While working an ambulance shift, I was able to head home after the shift check and crew duties were complete- and start my sign day. As long as I could drop what I was working on at a seconds notice, I could do whatever I wanted when I was on duty.... so I made signs. I called it 'making money while I was making money'. That arrangement allowed me to build a clientele of sign customers and safely venture into becoming an actual entrepreneur.

During the early years, and while I was lettering a KeyBank job, this serious demonstration showed that we actually could letter just about anything... Yes attentive readers, that IS a Swatch jelly. Nice style, Mark.

In case there was any question, my vinyl lettering technique could even handle a sofa pillow.  ** Today, Trevor is 6'2" at 16 years old.

Taken from the top of the garage, we had just loaded the Henderson House B&B sign up on Jim's truck- so we could install it after the ambulance shift ended at 8am (note ambulance on left). Although the B&B is no longer in operation, this sign remains a landmark about 5 miles East of Estes Park on Hwy 36.

Ah, the good old days! After Chris Hill bought Ed's Cantina we built some neat signs for the restaurant and the Estes Park Coffee Company under his direction.

The years carried on and the business grew, eventually (19 years later) allowing me to say goodbye to the ambulance crew for good and call myself a 'Sign Guy'.

Today, we're fortunate to have the technologies in our shop that include digital printing, CNC routing, vinyl plotters, welding and a wood shop to complete just about anything that comes along.

We're happy living and working in a small town, and value the community that has supported the direction we have chosen- who would have thought in high school that I'd be making SIGNS and have seven kids when I grew up?

I'm so glad it worked out that way.

Here's our brand new logo - for our next 20 years:

Don't forget to enter the 20th anniversary contest (link at the top of the page)- it will go on all year!