The project has been under the 12,000 rpm spindle for almost 4 hours, and it's looking good! At this stage, I could finish it by hand if the ol' MultiCam started to cut funny lines...

For this project, I had 15# Sign Foam on hand, so we'll see how it does with the finished project. As much as this will be a great looking sign for the customer, and the companion (duplicate) sign will work hard in our showroom- it is an experiment.

I hope the router will be done by dinner with a real life version of the design that has been stuck inside my head- and the computer for several weeks. Stay tuned!

Just a few minutes into the job, it took a while to get even this far! The pendant controller kept calling for the second router bit, so I figured out how to order the tools... and that was after I pressed the button to go.

Having been running for almost 2 hours, the 1/4" end mill bit is beginning to 'step' the rough cut bit over the relief of the lettering on the sign, as it clears the way for the second bit- the 1/8" ball nose.

Approaching 4 hours of router time, the background is easily visible as well as the wrench and border. I have a feeling that once the finishing bit gets to work on the true 3D carving, this sign will beg to get up off the router table and get a coat of paint!