It seems there's never any time for ourselves, namely, our truck project.

Every day, up at 530 to get set for the day before helping the kids out the door to school from 645 to 730. Then, back at work until they come home at 340, and family things, or Scouts, or Fire Dept, or dropping off or picking up or eating dinner, homework, reading books and everything else until around 9- then if I have any momentum left at all maybe another coat of paint or wrap up something from earlier - until midnight. That's the cutoff- if I'm not in bed by 12, I pay the price tomorrow when the alarm forces me up out of bed at 6.

Simon and Meila helped layout the stakes and sides as we cut to order.

A couple of hours later, we had sturdy sides, but the fresh cut wood looked out of place, so we looked for some stain from our paint cabinet.

Well, that schedule leaves little time for our own projects- like this flatbed stake side project that's been burning in the back of my mind since we picked this truck up weeks ago.

Last week I did pick up some wood that was surplus from a house project in town, and Sunday we set to measuring, cutting and attaching the wood together to create a set of sides for the bed of the truck, to make it easier to use. So far, anything that gets hauled must be strapped down securely!

Tonight after school Meila and I picked up brushes and some leftover stain (that matched the existing wood stain and worked well with the truck color) to seal the wood sides and put a finish on this project.

Tonight, it looks good. Utilitarian and useful and ... plain.

We stained both sides of the sides and it only cost me a can of Coke (that we shared). Meila is still affordable I'm happy to report, plus, she takes pride and gets the job done.

We laid the sides out to dry in today's 70+ degree sunshine as we went, and once we finished piece #4, we were right back to the first one, dry and ready to flip for more stain. Once complete, we just set the sides into their stake holes and the bed was complete... We'll need to weld up fancy corner pieces, but I can start to carry sign supplies much easier now.

In my mind this truck will become a rolling showcase of some of the cooler things we can do- that we will attach to the sides of the stakebed. Adorned with carved signs and some show off pieces, I may just hire Trevor to just drive it around town! My goal will be to have random people take pictures of the truck because it's so neat, and original. That's what a sign is, right? Something that others notice, that leaves an impression. If others take pictures of your sign? It's working.

Free publicity, stand out to potential customers: those are the goals.

I just need more hours in the day.