..not like THAT Rest and Relaxation, more along the lines of Refresh and Repair!

 We've got to take care of our own, and the Rustic Mountain Charm owners decided this was the year, that we would refresh their sign that we made many years ago- that has followed their store as they have moved within town. We installed it originally in Barlow Plaza, and now they own their own building right downtown. Great spot, but the sign was looking tired.


Trevor is bringing new life (through paint) to this Signs of Life alumnus, a sign we made many years ago.

A sign should be taken care of, and the results are dramatic, as you can see in the first photo that shows the letters that have been gently scrubbed (top photo, left) with the tired, dirty letters on the right. Elbow grease and our special blend of sign cleaner works every time. We repainted the whole sign and reprinted the graphic as well. After delivering the sign yesterday, the owner said he put it back up on the building frontage, but I haven't cruised by yet to take a look.

Work is also underway at the fire station, as we bring Smokey Bear to Estes Park on one of the fire danger signs we have been building and selling across the country for 15 years. The sign design is original, but we haven;t ever installed one- we generally ship them by truck.... and I've never seen an installation as nice as this one will be: first class. We're working a 'good deal' for the fire district (well- we have been working on putting this project together for a couple of years), since it's in our backyard.

Alex's crew preparing for the footer at the Dannels Fire Station. The objective is to match the existing sign base that contains the name of the station, about 150' to the West. Smokey Bear will stand here one day and inform passerby what the current fire danger is.

 No shortage of work this time of year (the Estes Park business cycle has been known to kill many new businesses- beware new business owners, this prosperity doesn't last forever! Save winter grocery money today!)

Our shop is very busy although we're scheduling new work every day, and hope that if you have an idea, you'll call to discuss. Did I mention we love making signs?