Out with the old - a 4" thick sandblasted panel (heavy load!)...

..and in with the new Feed Store signs 

 So for 20 years, I have calculated delivery dates by estimating how long it would take me to get through the stack of projects in Production. For about 19 years I have thought that a new scheduling approach would be good, and finally, it is!

Last week was the first week of working off of the master schedule, which sets specific days and time frames for completing work, and allows specific delivery dates (or pretty close) for customers.

I like deadlines, and I think this approach is going to work. So last week, staring with the Generations Salon delivery last Friday, we hammered out work on the Copeland Institute (series of images coming soon), VOWS wedding store, Estes Park Feed Supply and a handful of small projects sprinkled in. Great sense of accomplishment as many signs went out the door, and the work inside moved along smoothly.

Anything but normal, the Feed Store bathroom signs will not only meet ADA with Braille lettering, but have a cool 'wood' frame (it's really HDU). Angela is taking that store First Class all the way.

Meila is by far my number one family helper. She always wants to paint, and priming is a good stage for her to help with that... so we're priming the Feed Store bathroom signs.

With a couple of paint coats, the signs begin to take on some character. Next, silver rivet heads, then the ADA compliant sign faces.

The schedule did have me in the shop over the weekend applying multiple quick paint coats, but I look at it as if I gained 2 days for a small amount of time to paint.

This morning I laid the 23kt gold on the star that represents the Fairy Godmother-touch of the wedding store owner- a classy gold final touch! (That sign will deliver tomorrow)

Now, back to the schedule- Mondays are for admin and estimates.... 

Plotting the installation of the Big Gem on the VOWS sign. It'll be the biggest rock in town

Laying down 23kt gold on the sign face- sparkle factor 10.