My goal with this project, is to separate the pair of 80's electronic games and mount them in individual cabinets that give a more dramatic appearance, and allow them to stand alone... I love the 80's, and amusement parks, and this seemed to be a perfect assignment!

We started with two Mr Vend games, in reasonable condition. After going through them to clean and get everything working as it was intended, we designed a cabinet that wouldn't take much floorspace, and that would resemble a penny arcade appeal- with flourishes on the sign, and a brightly colored cabinet that looked like it had been painted more than a few times. Finally, it will appear well used, with wear marks on the cabinet that have been painted over, and rubbed paint that is coming off where your hand would go when playing the game...

Routing the cabinet panels

The header panel is finished routing, now time for finish shaping, sanding and paint.

Using a sturdy paint mask, the letters are perfectly crisp- until we take a sander and screwdriver to the surface and 'create some age', as seen below on the finished, old fashioned cabinet.

The first one completed was the Grip Tester. TEST YOUR STRENGTH! The grip tester has been performing better than expected at local movie theater, and looks just right. Next up, Esmerelda the Fortune Teller. When you're in the neighborhood, stop by Reel Mountain Theater in Stanley Village and test your strength! Hopefully, you'll have to stand in line.

The header sign, penny arcade style.

The complete game, ready to test your date before the movie.