Just 30 minutes into the project, the router is roughing out the design.

 The fire radio went off at 430am the other morning, then we were canceled just after I got dressed- so then the decision: Get undressed and back in bed and think about what there is to do today and not get back to sleep? ... or just get started on the day?

I sat down at the 'Nerve Center' to finalize the router programming for the Vows wedding store sign, and then started up the trusty MultiCam router. By 630am the router was cutting away at the sign, and would keep going until 10pm. The machine makes 2 passes essentially, the first with a 1/4" wide bit that removes most of the material that will reveal the design- then the 1/8" ball nose bit that takes the remaining material away and shows the finely detailed 3D design. The first bit overlaps 10%, and moves pretty quickly- the second bit overlaps each pass by 85%, and takes-- a long time to get it's job done.

In the end, the sign is revealed, and next we'll create the oversized ring that will support the giant gem, and we can start painting.


The lettering magically appears as the router passes back and forth over the surface, this is the rough stage with the ridges visible around the face of the sign.