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The aliens have returned me from the abduction

Posted by Mark I on Wednesday, August 22, 2012, In : More about Us 

Loading up some of the BioBlitz project to help direct visitors at the event.

It would appear that I disappeared from the Earth as a project that wraps up this week came together. Sometimes those projects come along and it's all that project, all day and night- like this one.

National Geographic and the National Park Service are throwing an event this weekend in Estes Park that will explore and celebrate Rocky Mountain National Park- with hundreds if not thousands of guests, scientists and the...
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Refreshing an old friend

Posted by Mark on Tuesday, August 7, 2012, In : Project Showcase 

When a sign leaves the shop, it's like a little piece of us is gone. I mean, we've just spent the last few days or weeks with the sign, and the landscape of the shop is always changing. Sometimes we gauge personal events by what sign was in the shop at the time, for example:

Kelly: "Mark, do you remember when the last full moon was?" (A common question Kelly might ask me)

 Me: "Sure, dear. The last full Moon was the day before we delivered the Copeland sign" (Right, there's no relation to the d...

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Signs of Life, Inc   Estes Park, Colorado   (970) 586-6995 

... meet the signmaker

Mark Igel It all started in 1992, I was working full time as a Paramedic and made a few signs on the side. The word got out, so I made a few more... People will pay me to make signs? I was in! This business is an exciting creative outlet that has allowed me to use cutting edge technology and release the ideas from inside my head- while offering effective signs to our customers. Today alongside my wife Kelly, we're doing our best to raise 7 children from 8-17 years old. I continue to volunteer with the Fire District, and enjoy Scouts with our sons.