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Birth of a Sign: HD Ranch

Posted by Mark I on Thursday, January 31, 2013, In : Project Showcase a man calls, and needs a sign. He has an idea, and a business card that 'he can email me' to get the logo from.

Above is the print of the logo he sent: a horse head (faintly in the background) behind the HD text, and quite small. We discuss the idea and cost, and he says to go for it. A few days later, I send him a concept, and he OK's that, now onto fabrication. Once routed and carved, it's time to paint, and several days later the sign is complete. From the marginal artwork provided, t...
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Use it again! How we recycle.

Posted by Mark I on Wednesday, January 16, 2013, In : More about Us 

OFFICE PAPER! The most remarkable source of potential recyclable material.

As a thrifty business owner, I am always on the lookout for ways to conserve expenses.

Trash service and trips to the dump are a part of the budget, and we have found over the years that we can trim these expenses considerably, while we look out for Mother Nature, as we Recycle.

Many folks recycle a little bit, but I'm surprised at how many don't, at all. I'm quite pleased that our kids will ask where the recycling contai...
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Posted by Mark I on Thursday, January 10, 2013, In : More about Us 
OK, we're embracing change.

We are giving in    vs.    We are participating

If you didn't visit the facebook page in the last 2 weeks, you missed out on the cool GPS giveaway! Today, there's a quick clip of a cold weather, inside job of printing Ski Hidden Valley bumper stickers.... Hurry on over and take a look- and 'Like' that page to get the inside track and occasionally a You-Heard-It-Here-First news scoop.

Our Facebook page will be in an interesting feed to follow for an insiders view of Es...
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Remaking Santa

Posted by Mark I on Thursday, January 3, 2013, In : Project Showcase 

James Frank, a talented local photographer, captured the high resolution images of the Santa and Sleigh display for it's renewal.

Every time I drive through downtown Estes during this time of year, I glance up at the seasonal display on the Knoll and see the reindeer and sleigh that were recreated and reborn in our shop. That's the way it is with so many signs and projects in our community, which is a great source of pride, and strong encouragement to do better on every job!

That pressure, to d...
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Mark Igel It all started in 1992, I was working full time as a Paramedic and made a few signs on the side. The word got out, so I made a few more... People will pay me to make signs? I was in! This business is an exciting creative outlet that has allowed me to use cutting edge technology and release the ideas from inside my head- while offering effective signs to our customers. Today alongside my wife Kelly, we're doing our best to raise 7 children from 8-17 years old. I continue to volunteer with the Fire District, and enjoy Scouts with our sons.