This project is moving right along on schedule, as our friends and accomplished local business folks James & Tamara move back into their original location of this great gallery on East Elkhorn. 

Tamara is very concise with what she likes, although she says she knows what she doesn't like better, and is open to things she may not have thought about... Music to the sign builders ears!

We're 3 layers into the paint chapter of their dimensional signs that will hang on the wall adjacent to the doors... Hoping to have sign in place later this week or early next. Their offerings are collecting inside on beautifully appointed and custom built fixtures- these two do it right!

(1) Just finished the rough cut, and moving onto the 6 hour final routing / finish pass on our MultiCam router

(2) Gluing the HDU face to the sturdy plywood backer

 (3) The panel has 5 colors on it already, and we're not even done with the first base coat! The bright colors will become the highlights of the special wash that brings the sign to life (don't get nervous about these colors, Tamara!).