It seems, based on my irregular blog posts that I occasionally might be getting abducted by aliens? No, just constantly moving, and unfortunately not in the blog circle. I have been fairly regular about posting to our facebook page with projects that are happening now, so if we're installing at 6am, you might get to see it before you're even out of bed! Right.

This week, we finished another quasi dimensional sign for Timber Creek Homecrafters- which combined the vintage distressed finish on MDO with a carved HDU tree. This sign will last for a long time starting it's life right now... What has been most rewarding are the number of people that have said- How old is that sign? Are you making changes to that old sign?

Keep in mind that this sign is a flat piece of fancy sign plywood (Medium Density Overlay- MDO). The wood grain and all of the age marks you see are paint effects.

Ha! Our goal was to create a sign that looked 'experienced', and I think we've done it.

We love making signs.