...so a man calls, and needs a sign. He has an idea, and a business card that 'he can email me' to get the logo from.

Above is the print of the logo he sent: a horse head (faintly in the background) behind the HD text, and quite small. We discuss the idea and cost, and he says to go for it. A few days later, I send him a concept, and he OK's that, now onto fabrication. Once routed and carved, it's time to paint, and several days later the sign is complete. From the marginal artwork provided, to a dramatic 3 dimensional version of the logo this process is typical of many jobs that come through our shop. It's a privilege to 'interpret' a logo into 3 dimensions that you can touch and proudly display when done!

For the record, the 'light blue' that we originally did was too 'light' for the recipient of this gift, so we re-painted a couple of parts (horse and HD) to bring the desired color combination out for the final presentation, to match their existing colors.