Ethan has a project to report on his latest read for language arts at the middle school, and he has chosen the 'News Report' project. He'll report on a few key points from the Harry Potter book he just completed.

We could take a shot with the beautiful evergreen trees in the back yard, or go across the street and use the Continental Divide as a backdrop- or even paint a scene from the book as a backdrop and then edit in MovieMaker... but wait!

A little light comes on that reminds us that our friends that own the local newspaper (The Estes Park News) do a cool 5 minute news report every week on their website, and have developed a studio in their office to make it look great. They use blue screen technology to utilize any backdrop on earth, right from their little studio.

Gary adjusts the HD camera and checks the teleprompter that Ethan will read from while looking right at the camera.

While Ethan sits in front of the blue screen, Gary checks the sound from the wireless mic, and Kris prepares to roll the script on the teleprompter screen. In editing, the image of choice will be combined with Ethan's video, and will take the place of the blue background. His collar was pretty close in color to the background, so if you look closely, you can see grass showing through around Ethan's neck during the playback.

Gary walks us through the entire editing process, saving, converting, importing and finishing this story with well-practiced finesse.

Gary was nice enough not to hang up on me when I called to make Ethan's case for some studio time with a related backdrop.

Not only did Kris and Gary set record Ethan giving his newscast, but Kris typed and edited the script with Ethan, Gary took time out of the middle of the day to edit with Ethan, and VOILA! The finished report is ready to go to school- and it's ON TIME!

I tell the kids that it's better to be a leader and set an example for others. Not to complain, to be positive and if others see what you're doing they will follow along and the world will be a better place, right?

The Hazelton's have a pretty good grasp of this concept, and it was refreshing for me too, to see what it means to lead by example. They took a couple of hours out of their busy day to lend Ethan a hand, and that gesture will hopefully go beyond a cool newscast on a flash drive. By working together our community can raise our children, and this was a perfect example of just that.

Thanks, Kris and Gary for the life lesson, and for leading by example in your business and lives. We notice, and continue to appreciate it.

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