So, today we updated the sign panel at the Feed Supply Store on Moraine Avenue that in a previous life, said TOURIST GOODS.

Angela, the owner, takes a healthy hands on approach to running her stores and wanted to be able to keep a fresh message in front of her customers.... so this is what happened (photo below).

We put up our traditional "For a Good Sign Call..." message, took the photo, and then they added a more important and timely message of love and thanks to the firefighters that have invaded our community to battle the Fern Lake fire.

Today, 45 fire engines are in the area with 3+ ff's on each truck, being assigned to tasks that will prevent the fire from leaving the National Park boundaries. They've done a great job, and most will probably go home soon.

So, thanks fire fighters, and thanks Angela for another fun sign project as part of your successful business (ad)venture!