Working on Christmas Eve?

The perks of being self employed: unlimited wealth, flexible schedule, and ah, sometimes staying at work until 2am, or putting another layer of paint on a horse on Christmas Eve..... but I wouldn't trade this for anything.

The horse is headed for Durango, Colorado later this week, and must be ready. You can only put so many coats of paint on each day, so it's handy that the sign shop is only a long stride from the house... It will be ready to go on time...

The other project getting out in the nick of time has been in the works for several years, and will make it's grand debut tomorrow morning. My brother Greg provided the delicately scavenged aircraft instruments a few years ago, and they have been used to fly around the world and to the moon while sitting independently on the work bench by our children.... Now, thanks to the worlds best precision craft shop (Signs of Life after dark), the instruments have a permanent home, with control yokes, headphones and working switches and lights. I'll admit turning it on at night once or twice for 'testing' purposes. I'm pretty sure Henry and Simon will love it, and hope that it will be something to pass down to the next generation of kids some day... This is the kind of gift I love to give!

Now, it's time to ship a few RV maps, since the postal service is working- the maps will go out.

Merry Christmas!