A retreat center outside of Estes Park approached us several months ago about a sign... and after addressing the sign code in Boulder County (!) and the required red tape, this sign has been coming along exactly as planned. The sign will be installed by the customer, so all we have to do is build, assemble and deliver!

Our favorite part- building!

We should be delivering this sign tomorrow (5/16)- this is how it's been developing:

In the rough cut stage of routing, this sign was a little longer than our router bed (which is 60" x 60"). That's no problem though, we'll just set up a registration tab and pull the material through when it's half complete.

Now half completed, the material has been moved off of the table to line up the small tabs you can see at the edge of the routed area. The second file will now be run and will joint the two halves in one continuous piece.

A close up of the outline of the tab that was added to the edge of the sign (and later removed). This shows the .01 deep cut into the waste board that gives us the correct location to pull the sign material through, to. Confusing? It always makes me scratch my head as I triple check measurements and the overall plan- since at this stage of pull through, we have about $650 on the line and about 7 hours of routing complete so far. Even 1/4" off could cause us to start over.

Success! Yes, it is dark outside... sometimes these projects take all day and into the night.

On to paint: It's hard to imagine that this panel will actually finish quite dark; the plum background will enrich the black as it's finished and decorated with copper. Wait and see!

Finishing a large panel is a two-man operation, as Trevor applies a coat of paint wash that will give depth and enhance the texture of the face, and I follow along and remove most but not all of that coat. The result is a scheme that brings out the character of the sign and changes a plain-jane-single-color finish to an artistic spectacle.

Next, we'll finish with the 4th coat of paint and fabricate the steel frame (today!) anticipating the delivery of this sign tomorrow....