Touching up the Feed Store sign as we prepare to depart our friends at the Estes Park Feed Supply. Angela (the owner) has a great concept of how to start a business. If you're considering starting a business, ask her for some perspective first. 

The Feed store chapter has ended, with the installation of the feed sack artwork at the business this morning. Looks nice, feels nice, is nice.

Just booked 2 great projects that will carry us forward another month, in addition to the projects already on the books. 

We love making signs! ..and people pay us to do it... and we live in Estes Park. Wow.

The final view- a piece of art!

Like sand that fills the cracks of a rock wall, this project fit right in with some other things we were working on in the shop - and shows the difference between Office Depot 'standard' signs and Signs of Life 'standard' signs. We don't do much 'standard', everything will have a custom edge, fancy border or something that sets it apart.