We definitely go through stages in our shop of techniques or styles, and I'm not sure if that's because of the fluctuation in economics of the town, or my design perspective, or the alignment of the moon... This week, we seem to have quite a few HDU projects in progress.

HDU is an acronym for High Density Urethane, an engineered sign product that is commonly referred to as 'foam'. For many years we have been Sign Foam customers, as it was the only product available to us locally. This month we discovered a vendor in Denver that agreed to bring the material to our region from a different supplier- one that we've been interested in using for several years: Precision Board. The data is all very good on this product for being eco-friendly, relatively easy to use and the product line that the company supports their product with is attractive- adhesives and finishing supplies.

The 'Dreamstream' house sign is coming along nicely- to be delivered this week after the paint cures.

Needless to say, we're excited to be using Precision Board finally!

Among other projects, this week we're excited to get the Dreamstream residential sign out of the shop and into her new owners hands! This sign will fit right in with the exterior of a local home to give the identity that the owners envision without being overly dramatic. 

Next project: The Sterling Pony is the second location for a local couple that have found success with their other jewelry store.... (except this store is going to have the coolest sign between the two- and in this section of downtown).

The 'sterling pony' piece emerged from a combination of cut offs through some imaginative puzzle fitting on the router table as we're playing eco-friendly and minimizing the items we send to the landfill.

 In the end, the pony looks perfect and we can't wait to see the owners faces when we over-deliver this little wall sign that has evolved into a beautiful dimensional sign with old-fashioned glass smalts finish and a vibrant Sterling Pony. Stay tuned!

With a collection of random HDU pieces laid together, the sterling pony will emerge from this rough cut set of pieces.

Clamped up after finagling everything into place, the epoxy will set overnight and provide the canvas to start carving the stores namesake (the fun part!)

Now a solid piece of HDU, the sketched lines will help guide me to carving different layers and heights as I break out my precision carving tool....

My secret weapon: the 4.5" angle grinder. Perfect for precision cuts, textures and shaping maneuvers. This is the only tool I used on this project that resulted in a perfectly shaped pony, in our preferred hand shaped finish.

With my reference image taken from the clients original artwork, the carving is complete. Now it's off to prime, fill, sand and paint my new friend.

After several coats of a brilliant metallic aluminum finish it's time to put some miles on this pony! We'll add detail with a coat of a special paint wash that will bring the detail and relief to life.

Ready to affix to the face of the sign, the pony is complete. Against the black panel of the sign it is striking and will begin working hard in juts a few days, when the sign is installed around 7am right downtown in the middle of tourist season!