Creating a sign is a series of well-planned steps that must be completed to insure long life and the 'look' that the customer ordered. The steps don't change much regarding construction, but each step has ample latitude for creativity and embellishment, and this is where our signs stand out.

The priming stage is regarded as a formality in many shops, but it's where the final texture and character is added before color. The CNC router creates the overall texture and layout as it is directed with precision. To really finish a sign however, the designer or qualified artist must make the most of this stage.

No longer a smooth sign- the texture will add life...

The D&S sign has plenty of base relief and texture- but we'll add a little more to the letter faces, the (previously smooth) border and rivets, and the background.

Next, a new approach to painting. I'm meeting the paint man, today to try and explain why I want his paint, without any color added.