Actually, I expected it, so it's not really a big deal- the whole sign is bright red!

I realized that I haven't painted a sign for over a year, considering our bus trip (, and now I remember why I like making signs... Imagine a quiet day in the shop, talk radio in the background, heat is at 70 degrees, snow falling outside the window, snacks and drinks as close as the kitchen downstairs- and painting signs. Ahhh. Did I mention it's a 4' commute to the sign shop? Shoveling snow isn't a big deal here before work.

The D&S sign is coming along very nicely- with the texture and foundation of the sign complete, the color is going to really bring this piece to life. The bright red is misleading- the final appearance will be pretty dark actually- very 'mechanical'. The bright red will show through on the peaks and highlights as you will see in a few days as the next coats of paint go on with love and care.

I'm also excited to be starting a new technique this week, a creative residential house number- that will blow 'normal' house numbers out of the water! (It includes a welded steel frame, craved concrete, routed and shaped HDU)

As always, there are about 5 jobs going on at any given time, and I'll highlight some of them right here.... but in case you have a sign project working through our shop and don't see a status report, don't fret- I just can't write about EVERY fun job...

..and now, back to the (paint) can.