George Barker has done a lot of things right in his life, with business ventures having turned to gold at his touch- and he's always happy when I see him.

That was no different when we spoke a couple of weeks ago about making a striking new sign for the wall outside of his low profile business frontage on Graves Avenue.

Sky Top Trading Company makes very cool briefcases... and not the kind that just popped into your head, these are cooler.

So we have the privilege of building a sign that will attempt to represent his company well before the customer sets foot inside.... although most of his business is via the internet.

After talking with him, I used files he had provided to begin to lay out the vector shapes that I would later assign relief and textures to, and we are almost ready to fire up the router and begin fabricating!

First, every single vector line and curve is saved in a 'vector' layer, which then gets separated into different components as the layers of the background, antlers, text face and text base, borders etc etc are assembled together.

Once the layers are all merged together and appear as one piece, we can assign the tool paths, which will command the MultiCam CNC router what to do and how fast to do it.

Of course, there will be some hand finishing and painting to follow the machine work.

Next, Start the router!