It's really so true- you get what you pay for. In signs, I've never seen this old mantra be more true. The cost of course is directly related to the cost of finishing and materials. What is easy to overlook at the time that we'll discuss your sign, is how it will travel the marketing road over the next few years.... Your audience will see and understand your sign whether it's flat or dimensional, but will they put their hand to the face of the sign just to 'see what it feels like'?

That's the case here, in a dimensional sign that's headed for Ohio. Torn between the cost of a flat aluminum sign and a dimensional creation, we ended up with a dimensional sign.

Guess what the first thing people that see this sign do?

Touch it.

That is a pretty good indication that this sign is being seen and will work much more effectively over the coming years- customers are seeing and touching the message.

Another point for the sign team!