..signs always swell with life once the paint goes on. Paint covers differences in base finish, texture and substrates- it ties the project together- and that's just what happened in this case - although it wasn't an uneventful walk in the park getting there...

As I take you through this, keep in mind that this is an experimental project. An idea, sold to a willing (informed) customer at a great price that offers me the opportunity to take extra time and try new ideas... Paint being one of those ideas:

The theory pans out and leaves us with a highly protected surface, a durable structure, and an appealing finish that gives the impression of a wood post and sign panel. Here we go:

The primer goes onto the reinforced concrete surface creating some additional texture, sealing deep grooves and providing a nice even base for the premium latex paint that will come next.

In a multi layer paint finish with washes, the base color is generally pretty bright, and misleading. I might have misjudged that lime greenish-yellow shade on the horizontal arm- but we'll see what happens after washing the next coat of a darker color on... The light top lends itself to the end of a post with a ring pattern in the texture.

Yeah, wow, I'm starting to get nervous about this green-yellow idea.... but carry on in the name of research.

I have hope, thanks to our brown wash color that has covered the ... yellow shade of green paint. What IS that shade?! The idea is to paint the base, let it dry, then apply a series of washes that create depth when they are removed... revealing some of the base color, some of their own color and a blend of the two in many areas. In the photo below, the base vertical color is a tan, the base horizontal color is the yellow, and the wash color has been applied to the horizontal arm on the left- but not yet wiped to reveal the new color.

Now, it's been wiped... and I'm thinking that we might be changing the horizontal arm color plan... but the vertical looks nice.

Here comes the new color- just like the vertical post... One more for higher education in the sign business- Lesson learned: don't use that shade of yellow/green for a wood base color ever again.

We'll reveal the finished house number post in the next post- it looks like everything will work out just fine ! (?) The sign panel has just come off the MultiCam CNC router today and is - perfect.