When we left Colorado for our 1-year tour of the United States (www.ourBigtrip.us)- we left behind our home, our sign business and loads of friends. We also left behind a hectic schedule, and the snow- so there were good and bad sides to that hiatus.

It's just this week that I feel like we're really back up to speed personally, and in the sign shop. Of course, we lost some customers that continued on in business despite our absence (who we hope to earn back). The phone kept ringing, and we referred customers to friends in the business that handled their signs for us. Now, the phone is ringing, but there seems to still be some uncertainty about whether we are here for a 'while' or forever. The answer is as forever as anyone else- we expect to work just like our neighbor until the end... but that has had an affect on incoming calls.

Back to before we left: our schedule was routinely 2-8 weeks out, and new projects were handled in the order they were received. That separated the planners from the procrastinators, the serious sign buyers from the tire kickers- and some day we'll be back to that again, perhaps.

The good news is that if you're thinking about a sign? Now's a great time to strike- the schedule is pretty open, and the enthusiasm is high. I picked up a treasure trove of ideas at the workshop in Canada, our router is poised to carve some dynamic award winners- and we're waiting for you. In fact, I'd say that if you had a budget, and an objective- but you allowed us creative license to provide a Landmark sign- that people would talk about for years, NOW IS THE TIME TO CALL.

Operators are standing by.