That headline is misleading. They didn't rush me, I offered a rush delivery to meet a self imposed deadline of holiday accommodations traffic at the Y.

There's been some development going on at the YMCA of the Rockies- Estes Park Center. Over the last couple of years, they have built, and remodeled and set a new standard for any-size-group facilities for conferences or even small family trips. This Y is impressive, not like the neighborhood YMCA you may have visited while growing up. Here, they can house 4,000+ people a night, and even have their own zip code.

Needless to say, when our family purchased the theater, and then left town for a year- our attention to service suffered and the Y was one of a few important accounts that we could not satisfy. In an effort to win back even some of our (BTBT) customers, I have been recreating service reminiscent of the days of old, and delivering more sign, faster than promised.

So that's what happened in this case- and it was a fun project to boot.

To showcase the awesome Promenade portion of the project, our assignment was to create a panel that would show the artist's rendering, along with the project logo and some descriptive text.

Our MultiCam M router made quick work of the file that I created in Enroute, and after just 90 minutes, provided a piece of HDU that was paint ready.

Thanks to our well equipped shop, I was able to present a sign that included:

** a 3D rock face that resembled the stone work on site,
** to create the Y logo in relief within the stone field,
** to print the artistic rendering on a weather proof composite aluminum panel that included a nod to the wayfinding system already in use at the facility (the blue corner notch),
**a base that matched the historic lap siding on many of the buildings, and
**a floating panel on the sign base that prominently showcased the project logo

The sign took just 4 days to fabricate, working in between other jobs, and allowing paint and glue dry time overnight. We we able to provide the sign to the customer for their capable staff to install it before the holiday rush, and maximize the exposure to upgrades that will certainly please their guests.

The base paint coat is always a little misleading. There wouldn't be any pink or green in the finished rocks, but the base color those shades provided added realism & life to the rocks.

The finished sign, in place in front of the Administration building at the YMCA. Clean, easily read, and brimming with character.

The completed sign is very thin despite all of the dimension, and reminds me of a movie facade, but is only viewed from the front along a regulated walkway.

We enjoy a good challenge, and look forward to our renewed relationship with the good folks at the Y.

(BTBT= Before The Bus Trip (See for the details))