Standing tall among the other auction lots, the Dodge D400 'tow truck' was admired by many, but would be driven home by one man and his children (with wife following just in case)

Ah, an auction in the big city.

The sweet smell of the Platte River, the rumble of an occasional coal train rolling by, the chatter of the auctioneer. The temptation of a once-in-a-lifetime deal keeps us around for the entire auction. A couple of things caught our eye, although they will probably be the last 2 things to sell. Always happens that way.

We bought an air hockey table - as part of a master plan to create an attractive place for kids to hang out... Our secret agenda is to attract their friends, and in turn, trick our kids to be where we know they are making good decisions, and having fun. There was no way that the air hockey table would fit into the van, and would get more expensive if we left it there to pick up another day (storage fees). I joked with Kelly that we should bid on a truck that would be able to haul the air hockey table home....

Well, there was this one truck that caught my eye when I was browsing the brochure online before we made the trip to Denver- and we would end up driving it home.

With an air hockey table strapped to the back.

This 1970 Dodge truck looks like a distant cousin to the Cars-famed tow truck: Tow-Mater, but isn't quite that cool. It is, very nice.

Look past the tow hoist on the back end. Pay attention to the 8' x 10' flatbed, or the 360ci motor, or the dual rear wheels, the heavy duty suspension, the sharp paint job..... One day this will represent us well as a delivery truck- but I'm getting ahead of myself.

First, we must get it home to Estes Park ( about 70 miles).

Then, we'll have to remove and sell the tow hoist.

Finally, the transformation will begin, and one day it will graduate to a sign truck?

Stay tuned.

Hm, what should we name this beauty?

Preparing to be loaded with the air hockey table via a fork lift, the truck is now on our side: a new family, a new life.