The bottom layer coming off the Multi Cam router, as it hogs away the HDU substrate to reveal the new life of this formerly plain-jane panel.

 ..that's right, Ed's Cantina is at it again- setting the pace for a fresh, clean look. They developed a contemporary logo several years ago and they have given us the opportunity to bring it to life!

It's the step that so many businesses never make, from a neat logo that looks 'dimensional' on paper with shades or color blends - to a fully 3 dimensional sign that graces their business in real-life. Ed's is on the ball, and will be putting their logo out for everyone to see and feel in a matter of days.

We've been making signs for Ed's Cantina for 20 years, since the original "Ed" Grueff was calling the shots (and taught us a few things about business and marketing). The signs over the years have been more fun than serious, and the Cantina atmosphere follows suit, undeniably one of the best spots in Estes that you can go out for fun with friends and family.

I'll estimate that we'll apply between 8 and 10 layers of paint to this project before it's readyt o hang... So stand by while the paint dries, and goes on, and dries, and goes on, and .......


Taking advantage of a recent moderately warm day, I assembled the panels at about 7am outside the shop. Not many more weeks of 'outside' sign assembly days! There was frost on the windshield last night.

Like little sundials, the clamps start the clock as they hold the top piece firmly in place for about 8 hours while the adhesive sets permanently, resulting in a solid panel that mimics wood when finished. Durable, too! HDU will not rot, crack or warp when prepared correctly.

Always brilliant and cheery, the first layer is the brightest color of paint as we begin the 10 layer process of colors and washes that will be revealed in a few days of the paint cycle.