When a sign leaves the shop, it's like a little piece of us is gone. I mean, we've just spent the last few days or weeks with the sign, and the landscape of the shop is always changing. Sometimes we gauge personal events by what sign was in the shop at the time, for example:

Kelly: "Mark, do you remember when the last full moon was?" (A common question Kelly might ask me)

 Me: "Sure, dear. The last full Moon was the day before we delivered the Copeland sign" (Right, there's no relation to the date, but the time is clear in the sign timeline)

Kelly: "Well, thanks dear- that's really helpful- so about 4 weeks ago?" (This sample conversation is exactly how we talk to each other, all the time)

As you can see, signs are a part of our lives... so when an old friend comes back to the shop, we'll treat her (or him, depending on the sign) with respect and love. Such was the case when the Rustic Mountain Charm sign came back recently for a little facelift.

Signs change with time, and this one had been around the block since we installed it originally in Barlow Plaza. Today, it's back up at the store owners location, the old Seybold's store, right in the middle of town.

...tired from many years in the sun, this routed and carved HDU sign came back for a little R&R at the Signs of Life sign spa

So far, the letters on the left have been cleaned to remove the oxidization prior to repainting.


After cleaning the surfaces, repairs are made and everything is primed to get ready for the new coat of color.

Trevor was happy to spend the hot part of this day painting inside! We keep detailed records of all of our projects, so matching the colors was no big deal.

With the painting complete (note the new copper edge to the lettering- that glistens in the sunlight!)- we'll replace the logo and the sign will be ready to hang.

After a week's vacation, the Rustic Mountain Charm sign is back at work, and will be for many more years. We have some simple tips to avoid coming back in to see us for a freshen-up.... Ask about keeping your sign in tip top shape and it will never become too tired!