Down with the old! Trevor is removing the 23" high, 23kt gold letters that make up the previous name of the bank. The arrangement was pretty convenient here, with Trevor leaning over, and I coming up from below to tackle the removal. Installation would work just as well the next week when we came back to install the new name for the world to see.
This one started out right: the Vice President (2 VP's actually) sat down and planned the sign updates with us for their name change a full month ahead of time! (We love them already)

The bank had beautiful 23kt gold finished dimensional letters on 3 sides of their downtown location, entrance doors, desk signs, freestanding signs, window lettering, and a "Customer Only" parking lot sign. They quickly decided against replacing the 23kt gold letters with 23 kt gold letters, and opted for a very smart, formed plastic letter with a lifetime guarantee that was custom formed to their new letter style. This option saved them TENS of thousands of dollars over going with the real gold finish, and will last a long long time. The final product is very nice, and while installing we heard the compliments starting to come in.

Even though we started several days before most folks were out of bed, the installation took most of those several days and allowed us to be front and center on the stage with the public passing by.

All in all, the project went smoothly, on time and we had plenty of time to secure permits before starting work (best scenario!).

The second location for the new 'Bank of Estes Park' consisted of freestanding signs, directories, windows and interior signs as well.

While we were at it, we freshened up the signs we had installed several years ago, so their image is again clean and well kept, as our bank should be.

What do you do with a pile of gold? Keep the T and the A, and the S for mementos (depending on your name) and dispose of the rest. Sadly, the amount of gold in these letters is enough to make them shimmer beautifully, but not enough to recover. The finish is thousands of an inch thick, and impossible to collect.

Once the painters had repaired, patched and painted the wall behind where the new letters would be installed, we came back in with a full size pattern to drill the holes that were matched to the letter studs.

Once the letters had been fitted into place, the studs cut to the proper length (3-8 per letter) and the dry fit test complete, we glued the studs and pads into place, using removable tape to stabilize them while the adhesive set. Just after sunrise the next morning we were back (with choice of parking), removed the tape and polished the letters.

'High above' Macgregor Ave Trevor is lining up the last piece during the dry fit test before beginning to glue them in place.

At the branch location we replaced the old with the new: new font, logo and information. We even changed their drive up hours to their surprise... and changed them back to what they should have been once we found the mistake. For all of the times that passer by's shout at us while driving by that we've 'spelled it wrong', or 'upside down' or etc etc- I'm happy that this is about the scale of mistakes that come up occasionally- and are quickly fixed.