I am hoping today is NOT that day. But if it was, it would just be another lesson from the school of hard knocks. Life learning. Trial and Error. Trial by Fire. Stupidity?

To get to this day, it has been a longer-than-I-expected road filled with curves and surprises, and my head is recovering from all of the beating against the wall late at night when things wouldn't go.

That's how I learn new things I guess. I can remember struggling to learn Gerber software (I'm up to understanding about 15% of it now, after 20 years), and how to fix a bus (see ourbigtrip.us)- and everything it seems. BUT! That's the way I learn and remember- by myself struggling.. I digress.

As I write this, the computer is calculating the output file for the D&S sign and the MultiCam router is going through it's warm up. Within just a few minutes, I will have PUSHED THE BUTTON to start the execution of about 10 hours of layout/learning/struggling/homicidal thoughts (directed at a computer of course) and will see how much this lesson will ultimately cost me!

If you're in the neighborhood, you'll be able to hear the screams if something goes wrong, and I'll write about it here once I have recovered emotionally. On the other hand, it might work perfectly and I'll have pics of the progress later today.

How long will it take to rout? How nicely will an 87% overlap finish the edges?

So many questions- off to the router room.