The scene of the crime this morning...

Last time I wrote, the router had taken about 4 hours to get as far as: almost being done, I thought.

Keep in mind that this is a learning experience (I keep telling myself, too).  The router started running at high noon yesterday- with a 1/4" end mill tool to do the rough step in 5 passes with 75% overlap, then the same 1/4" bit to do a rough pass that would cut within .1" of the finished surface, making way for the finishing bit, a 1/8" ball nose bit that would make 2 passes with an 87% overlap. If you know routers, please keep your astonishment to yourself, someday I'll be better- but yesterday it was all about conservatively running the machine with a full 3D project..... So when I finally shut the machine down at 5:30am, I had officially completed another course in the school of life. 17.5 hours on the router!

This sign is costing money in some ways, but offering a nice lesson in building 3D signs as well.

Hey! We didn't break any bits ($30-60 each) or damage the material, or cause any injuries- but we might have used all of our carbon credits for the entire month running that machine.

The sign? PERFECT!

It is exactly what was in my mind- what I expected, planned and executed. It works!

After hand finishing a few areas (for a total of about 10 minutes) the sign is ready for paint (by hand of course). I also edited the toolpaths for my office sample sign (same design), and expect it will finish in less than 3 hours... Crossing my fingers! Once they are both done, we can begin painting.