We've rescheduled the Ed's installation a couple of times, and tomorrow it will come to life! After laying out the letters destined for the high wall, we'll pack everything up and load up early tomorrow before the traffic descends on that little parking lot adjacent to the restaurant. After a quick survey today it appears that everything we have planned will 'slide right in' and make for an easy installation.... I'm making fun of myself there- one day about 18 years ago I told a friend that was helping me install the old fairgrounds sign that it would 'slip right in', and it didn't.... We ended up trimming and custom fitting for a couple of hours and it was snowing and Jim still hasn't let me forget about that project!

These letters will be in conjunction with the carved signs we're installing.


The custom steel frame on the back (should) slip into the bracket we'll mount to the wall, and then fasten with 2 simple screws that will merely keep it from going up (why would a 100# sign go up?). A take off of the common wood cleat system- full report tomorrow- this is the 'beta' version of the idea.