..back to some cool signs!

I should write about 'slow' stretches of our schedule more often. Three days after I posted the last entry about what I do when it's slow, the slow ended.

It's really a double edged sword- so many days I say I'd love to have a week or two of no work scheduled, to get some of my own projects completed... Then the slow week arrives and I'm up at night wondering what the next day will hold- and how the bank account will look as a result, and you know what I mean if you own a business!

So the 'slow day' projects are easy time fillers on slow days, but they don't cease when custom projects are underway. In fact, they may shift to become 'mindless late night' projects when the schedule is full.

No matter how you classify our ongoing projects, they go on. Today, I was printing and preparing to ship another batch of RV Travel Maps. This project sprang up after our year-long United States tour- when we traveled with the kids for a year on a bus (www.ourBigtrip.us). We found that there was an old style of map that was no longer being manufactured, and there was still a need- and we had a sign shop... So we created the artwork and concept with all new superior materials, and began to market it.

A new run of RV Maps, of which we print about 15 at a time, then cut, prep and package for delivery when we receive orders.

It's fun when the email arrives with another order for a US or Canada Travel Map. RVers use them to show where they have traveled, adding a state or province once they've been there. (click the 'Signs' link at the top of this page to check out the stock products we offer including the RV Map).

So, today I'll wrap up the RV Map order, then move on to finish the concrete base of our house number project, and then start any of 4 new custom projects.

This morning I walked into the office and smiled. It's fun to come to work and create new things, all the time not knowing what's going to come in today. I love my 'job'!

This is the view from the walkway that connects the house and the sign shop at 7am yesterday. What a great way to start the day. Spectacular view, no traffic, and only about 4 feet to shovel on snow days- if I jump I can make it to work without getting shoes on! This image makes a beautiful desktop background, email me if I can send you the full size version.