Painting brown on top of the red?! Yup. That brown is a special blend of paint that creates a 'wash' that allows us to paint at full strength and then remove some of that coat to leave a protective coat of color- creating depth and life.

It's not a lot of time actually painting- it's the paint prep, mixing, drying time and planning that takes the time on these projects. This background is coming together exactly as planned, and is gaining more rich life with each step.

Last week I finished the background paint on the D&S sign, and am anxiously waiting for the metal paint to arrive from Florida that will bring that wrench out of the background and let it begin to contribute to this sign...

The brown wash is then covered by a black wash, that ultimately finishes that background as a dark component of the sign (hard to believe that it was bright red just a couple of days ago).

Next, we'll make that border look like an old battleship. Riveted metal, just like the master plan!