This great window sign is a combination of sharp lettering on the outside of the glass, and a shiny pony inside the window display. It's easily read from across the street and proves that 'window signs' don't have to be just a line of text on the bottom of the window...

Estes Park is funny- the season goes like this: Wind down from summer, make it through winter, get hit like a train on Memorial Day weekend, then siesta for the first 2 weeks in June- then- Hold On! Summer is a wild ride until the cycle starts over in the fall.

With Memorial weekend behind us, and several great projects delivered, we're moving forward with the summer work as the tourist trade goes into standby mode for a couple of weeks. The business owners have been awakened, and after the planners receive their signs, we'll be able to schedule those folks that are finally ready to do some work on their image. We're working as fast as we can! We're bringing in summer help! The signs will be done on time!

It's a great time of the year- the business owners have hope in their eyes and the streets are being cleaned every day- just this morning as I surveyed a job at 630am, the Town crews were sweeping, blowing and polishing the downtown planters and sidewalks as Estes Park's primary trade was sleeping in. Welcome visitors! We're glad you're here.

Now, back to work.


Today we finished the painting on the Feed Store dimensional sign- tomorrow we'll designs and build the steel frame- and it should be on the wall by the end of the week. This sign will hang at eye level and you won;t be able to keep your hands off the feedbag! Take note of how colorful the background is at this stage (taken before the final painting steps) and compare it to the next blog post when we show the finished paint job.

Affixing the frame the the Copeland Institute sign after a morning of welding, the sign was delivered on time and installed by the customer near Allenspark (finished pictures to come as soon as we get a chance to go take a look ourselves)

Close up of the text on the Copeland sign: 5 coats of paint including full strength base coats and washes.