You'll see how this sign became old in an afternoon, shortly...

But first, the weather:

I know, it's just a trace, and it will be gone once the sun hits, but it happened. For several weeks the Continental Divide has been bathed in regular snowshowers, bringing the crisp white snowy peaks back to brilliant life (the dingy remaining snow from last year had almost completely blended in with the rest of the mountains). And so it goes, officially tromping back toward the inside work season. 

And now, the Cantina, as I plug away at the paint each day, adding a layer here or there, a color or wash to bring depth to the base coat- I am becoming more eager each day to get these friends into place downtown and free up some work space.

Today, the final color wash will seal the face, then a cover on the back of the sign with our special house blend of paint (a collection of orphan colors), and to the restaurant we'll go.

Along the way, we opted to change the upper wall sign to a low voltage illuminated set of channel letters that will beckon to late night passer-by; that should be ready next week also.

Adding the first coat of color to the letter faces...

...brushing on the 3rd coat to the border, this one is much darker and will define the texture once complete.

A remixed metallic copper latex covers the brightly painted background, which will lend a credible, old, weathered look once this step is complete.


Moving across the background, the copper is mostly removed, leaving character behind.


Brightly painted, the copper banner and white text will become more subtle with the next, and final step.... 
I would guess we'll time the install to coincide with a celebration lunch- or breakfast at Ed's Cantina.