It's been cooler at night, although the days have been blistering hot! (from my perspective at 7600') and the kids are back in school. It's rolling into fall, and opening a window that many folks will let pass by as we get an opportunity to freshen up the look of your business while the summer revenues are still available for business improvement.

Make a phone call today and lighten your load next spring, after you step outside your shop door, outside your truck door, or just hold your business card out in front of you and ask if it's time to Freshen Up your curb appeal?

We're happy to chime in on that conversation, that many business owners become apathetic about- if it works now, why won't it work tomorrow?

Take a look at the businesses in Estes Park that freshen their image every year, you know the ones! Seems like they're always doing something new... because they are paying attention to the image that customers see. Customers that are seeing you for the first time, and that happens every day. There's competition in every business, whether it's the neighbor gift store, or the valley service center- or worst case- yourself. A well-worn image can turn customers away as easily as a sharp dressed competitor might woo them away.

Here are a couple of customers we helped freshen up this summer- see more on the portfolio page of this website:

BEFORE- magnetic sign, packed full of information

AFTER- Clean lettering directly on the truck.

BEFORE- Once brand new and clean, now well used and needing a little water splashed on its face:

AFTER: Fresh.