Balancing the first batch of maps headed for the Post Office. Today we're shipping a map to Alaska, which means that we have now shipped our RV Maps to every state in the US.

It's what we get for leaving town... A couple of dozen maps were ordered and the RV owners are ready for them to arrive!

Usually we send RV maps out within a day or two of the order, so it's strange to have so many in hand on the way to the Post Office. With Christmas around the corner, map purchases will pick up and I may have to reconsider doing maps all by myself! I spent most of Monday and Tuesday printing, trimming, packaging and shipping the current batch.

Read the story about why we make these 'RV Maps' on the page that is linked to from our home page, with an image of a map of the United States.

Now, the second batch of maps are coming off of the plotter....