OFFICE PAPER! The most remarkable source of potential recyclable material.

As a thrifty business owner, I am always on the lookout for ways to conserve expenses.

Trash service and trips to the dump are a part of the budget, and we have found over the years that we can trim these expenses considerably, while we look out for Mother Nature, as we Recycle.

Many folks recycle a little bit, but I'm surprised at how many don't, at all. I'm quite pleased that our kids will ask where the recycling container is at when we are at someone else's home, or business. That reassures me that we have created 'recyclers' for life. I hope that by asking they plant seeds of the need for recycling where it isn't available.

Back to saving money: The amount of potential trash that we rescue from the curb on Tuesday morning is significant when you include: aluminum, glass, paperboard*, office paper*, & corrugated cardboard*. The last 3, with * 's are items we take to Lyons on our way anywhere East on Hwy 36. It is easy! As you arrive at the stoplight in Lyons, you'll want to be in the right lane, and continue through the light to the first left, then turn in just past the library and stop at the big green roll-offs. This recycle center is operated by Eco-Cycle out of Boulder, and makes recycling simple. This is refreshing compared to other recycle centers- like the City of Loveland, where it seems nothing is allowed to go together and using their facility would require us to separate into 7+ containers, versus 3 in Lyons, hooray!

CARDBOARD is the largest space saver in the trash stream when you pull it out and flatten it for recycling.

Office paper, paperboard (thin wall cardboard like cereal boxes) and newspapers go in one container, corugated boxes in another (look for the large capacity door on the back of this bin of you have a stack of flattened boxes and want to avoid the little slot), then aluminum and glass in the third bin. We can be in and out in under 5 minutes, we'll have only traveled about 50' off of our normal route, and the trash expense at home and in the shop is slashed!

Slashed! I love that word when talking about expenses.

Another aspect of recycling we're exploring is the reuse of materials for our own selfish purposes:

We print and ship RV Travel Maps across the US and Canada, which require a safe container to get them there in one piece. We have a stockpile of new tubes for this use (at a cost of .40 each), but we only use them when we're out of movie poster tubes, that we reclaim from the trash stream at Reel Mountain Theater. They require a minute to cut to size, but save on our expense, and the theaters trash pile. "Win-Win" I think they call that one.

Take a look around you- what can you do to save your hard earned money, and our planet?

MOVIE THEATER POSTER TUBES heading out for their second life adventure.