A special Valentines Gift- I was afraid she'd see the mini chocolate heart and miss the real gift... She did not miss this major bathroom change!

This year, there seemed to be an abundance of people remarking that Valentines Day was a Hallmark Holiday and it was taking on a general conspiracy theory sound to it, so I fought back and did my little part against the conspiracy and made a gift for Kelly instead of just buying a card as usual.

I admit that I used Valentines Day to give something utilitarian, although it wasn't as bad as a set of pans (did I tell you the Christmas story?).

Since we moved into the home we built over 10 years ago or so, we have had on the back burner- adding mirror frames in the bathrooms- which remain frame-less.

Monday I was up at 5am to design and layout the file to create a Valentines Day gift for my wife, Kelly.

I finally had the files the way I wanted them around 10, and the material was on the router at 11. Thanks to the EnRoute software, I could see every angle of the frame and check for perfection... I set it up to overlap the existing mirror slightly around the edges, and integrated a 'love' message into the Chinese themed texture so it would look like it was an intentional part of the bathroom design.

By the end of the day the piece was sanded, had a primer coat and the first coat of paint on. Tuesday morning the second coat was on and by the time Kelly got home mid afternoon, the frame was in place with 4 coats of paint and paint washes, beautifully hanging above the sink we use the most every day- in our bathroom.

Maybe not very romantic, but I hope it will be a sweet reminder of 2012 to Kelly anytime she happens to glance over at her side of the mirror and see the tribute to our 18th Valentines Day together.

The mirror frame? Perfect. Exactly as planned: rich color, substantial depth and texture, radiating warmth. The problem? Kelly started asking questions about the next frame I was planning on doing (we have another bathroom that is frame-less)... could I incorporate the kids names in it? That will be fun! Next holiday, next frame?

So, here at Signs of Life, we (could) make frames for your unframed mirrors, too.

Made out of Sign Foam, the frame looks like wood, even up close. The texture and paint finish do an excellent job of bringing a rich feel to this project.

The personal touch makes this custom frame, authentically custom! The frame was created from raw materials for one special purpose- although I completed a 10 year old project at the same time.