The wind picked up, so this inside school bus job was well timed (shorts on for warm weather outside).

We don't have cable or satellite TV... haven't since Trevor was a wee lad, about 16 years ago... so we get a weather forecast if we go out looking for it, but generally start the day with a look outside to see what we'll be doing that day- work wise.

There's always plenty to do inside and outside, but I'm more careful about planning things outside since so many aspects are temperature sensitive (paint, vinyl application, my attitude, etc).

Last week Friday came along and panned out to be a great day to do some outside work- completed a fire truck and school bus, then moved inside for another layer of paint on the Generations Salon sign- which we hope to deliver this week.

What will we do today? Check the weather, then check the list of 'outside jobs' if the sun is on our side. Today, it's nice to have inside work, but my shorts are ready to come out full time. Soon.

No sweating, no freezing- just perfect. And no tourists affecting my quick trips into town and to see customers. In just a few weeks we'll be planning trips carefully to avoid traffic jams and be able to park street-side for installations.

Second coat of latex paint, moving onto washes and some real depth for this artistic beauty.