John is putting in the last lag bolts that will anchor the steel frame that connects with the sign panel for a secure, worry free installation.

Leveling it down onto the frame, then attaching the anchor screws that will prevent the sign from shifting in the wind, or earthquake... you never know.
The signs are in, and the workshop table is clear for the next project!

Things went along very smoothly, and the experimental mounting bracket worked very nicely... Steel mounting bracket that will secure the signs for many years without any concerns. The hand finished carved signs over the Cantina door gathered compliments as we worked from passerby, although we tried to start early to avoid foot traffic with the ladders in the sidewalk. 

The high wall sign is readable from a long way off, and our pre-planning for low voltage lighting in the "Ed's" lettering can be activated in the future....

It all makes for a complimentary showcase of their cool logo- drive by East Elkhorn Ave and check it out.


The high wall lettering as a nice accent to this dramatic building that fronts the East end of Elkhorn Ave as visitors arrive in the downtown area. A "cherry on top".

...the background of this sign could pass for antique patina- but up close is actually a metallic copper blend that ties in with the banner across the logo.