You may have heard that Colorado was hit by the 'Thousand Year' flood, and indeed, the impact has been severe. I don't know anyone who hasn't pumped out their crawlspace or basement at least, and at worst, we have neighbors who have lost everything. Out of 4 highways that come into Estes Park, 2 are so damaged that it will be months (years?) to repair them, and the roads that are open add hours to the trip if coming to or leaving Estes. It will be an interesting year.

All that said, the business climate is...... strange. Many (most) stores are open, the elk are bugling in famous style all day and all night, the Rut is well underway, and there isn't a tourist in sight. For a tourist town, that is bad, and the tip of the strange business climate dilemma.

So, as we contemplate the future of signs, we have created and produced a line of stickers that may or may not be well received, as we try and provide an outlet for people to say I WAS THERE, or I SURVIVED, or I'm Proud of My Town.

Check out the line of stickers we are selling at :

Once the water was pumped it was back to thinking about putting food on the table and what the future holds. This is just one puzzle piece.