We traveled to the Boulder Dept of Motor Vehicle for Trevor to take his Driving Test last week, and during the course of waiting (and waiting), this sign stared at me intently.

I don't think it meant to stare at me, but I was sitting right under it, waiting for the driving examiner to call Trevor's name, and then return with my son from one of the first real trials of becoming an adult.

I wonder if the person who said: "I can just make a sign, boss" knows how many people see their sign, and how many of those people get a chuckle out of this sign, made on particle board with a Sharpie marker- right before they go before the Hearing Official. They have to walk under that sign, the doorway to their driving future, and at the door at least, things ain't lookin' good.

They say you can't complain about something unless you're willing to do something about it- so I'll offer a solution to the sign dilemna- maybe not a full dimensional sign with LED light accents..... but a professional sign that will set the tone for what's behind the door- which is what all signs should really be doing.

Maybe we could trade a sign for a 'get out of jail' card, or the DMV's equivalent? Not that I'm planning on any trouble, but you never know.

PS: Trevor did get the license, and took great pride as he loaded up into his 1968 Cadillac and soloed across our little town later that day.